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What is ITAD?

ITAD or IT ASSET DISPOSITION is best described as a collection of processes and procedures for the disposal of obsolete IT equipment from a safety and environmental perspective. ITAD should not be confused with ASSET RECOVERY which is the process of Maximizing the value of unused or end of life assets through Effective reuse or Divestment.


An ITAD provider is a company or organization that specializes in products/services that help to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle electrical waste. Providers of ITAD services offer a variety of solutions to help reduce environmental impact. To qualify as an ITAD service provider the company or organization should offer at least two of the following three categories: Disposition services, Acquisition services and Ancillary services such as but not limited to; Redeployments, Data sanitization, Remarketing, Buy backs, Short-term rentals and warranty look-up and provisioning. Services must be clearly defined and structured with fixed routines and process descriptions. Customers must clearly understand and be able to prioritize their own specific requirements for these comprehensive services to optimize the management that an effective ITAD contract provides.


Asset Recovery is best described as the process of maximizing both or either of the financial or operational values of unused or excess inventory and assets through effective processes for redeployment, refurbishing and resale (WEEE - Reduce & Reuse). Many companies and organizations are still quite immature when it comes to practicing asset recovery with the goal of obtaining the greatest possible return from the asset. There are potential extensive returns from asset recovery, they are; Financial values where the process actually generates revenue back to the company, Operational values where the value are more difficult to calculate, such as social responsibility and environmental awareness and last but not least Indirect values such as actual core values for promotional use, responsibility and sustainable principles.

“An ITAD provider should focus on five core values. These values are: Financial values, Operational values, Environmental awareness, Security and Safety.”

−Henrik Levin, Sales Executive - Serverhuset AB


We have put together an award system called “Sustainability Points” measuring your company’s environmental savings and awareness. These credits show in a predefined scale where your company performs and how many points in total you have scored. The “Sustainability Points” award system was also created to give back. You may trade in your credits for the use of our services or products.